To shape our education system for the next generation, we need to find new and better solutions to prepare our students with the skills of the future. It’s not enough to just to teach History and Health anymore. The jobs of tomorrow will require technology, computer science, and advanced math and science skills. Many schools today are adapting, but not nearly enough. We need to act now to ensure every student at every school is ready for a  job that might not exist today.

  • Expand teacher training for technology and computer science subjects.
  • Provide stable and predictable funding that does not put school budgets on the backs of local property taxpayers.
  • Make college more affordable by extending student loan tax credits.


Minnesota’s roads, bridges, and infrastructure are some of the best in the country, but still need continual maintenance, repair, and expansion. We need to make an investment in this critical state resource through continued investment funding, not at the whim of the legislature every two years. This means forward-thinking funding solutions that are not part of the biennial bonding bill.

  • Increase funding for fixing bottleneck areas that slow traffic flow and extend commutes.
  • Invest in transit options to prevent future traffic congestion and costly road repairs.
  • Improve road safety by restoring or replacing deteriorating roads and bridges.


More jobs are created every year by small businesses than all of the Fortune 500 combined. Having been a part of several small businesses, Kristin knows that it’s not easy to start or grow a small business. As a State Representative, Kristin wants to help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses in Minnesota. We can make it easier to hire employees by providing incentives to small business owners.