Having grown up surrounded by teachers, I have a great respect and admiration for the educators who work daily on shaping the future of our communities. To strengthen our education system for the next generation, I believe we need to find new and better solutions to prepare our students with the skills of the future. As your legislator, I will continue to work towards:

  • Pushing to propel more students, particularly girls, into STEM programs to prepare them for the jobs of the future.

  • Advocating for high-quality universal pre-K programs taught by licensed educators.

  • Supporting an increase in discretionary funding for K-12 schools to add teacher aides and other support professionals to bring down the student to educator ratio and promote the education and safety of our students.

  • Allowing college students to renegotiate the interest rates of their existing loans.

the environment

If elected, I will be a champion of both science and evidence-based measures backed by solid peer reviewed research. I believe the scientific community when they call for a reduction in carbon emissions to protect the future of our children. As your elected official, I will keep working to: 

  • Champion the increase of sources of “true” clean and renewable energy, such as wind and solar.

  • Work to bring renewable energy jobs to our state.

  • Protect clean water and preserve our pristine lakes and rivers by standing firm on environmental safeguards.

health care

Minnesota's uninsured rate is climbing and thousands more have insurance they can barely afford or use, with high premiums and high deductibles. I believe all Minnesotans deserve access to affordable quality care for themselves and their families. As your legislator, I will continue to work towards:

  • Implementing the MinnesotaCare Buy-In Program to give consumers an affordable and trusted public option.

  • Protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and put families and consumers first ahead of powerful insurance companies.

  • Protecting women's health choices and ensuring that women's care remains between her and her doctor — not employers, politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Holding Big Pharma accountable for the opioid crisis that is devastating families.

  • Working with advocates to ensure our seniors are safe from abuse and neglect.

Economic security

There is a great deal of influence that the state government can have on the daily lives of Minnesotans. Nowhere is this more evident than in the promotion of residents’ economic security. As your elected official, I will keep working to:

  • Fight for good incomes and wages to ensure the dignity of everyday families.

  • Preserve the hard-earned benefits of our seniors.

  • Ensure that all taxes are spent responsibly on programs that directly impact our district.


Minnesota’s roads, bridges, and infrastructure are some of the best in the country, but still need continual maintenance, repair, and expansion. We need to make an investment in this critical state resource through continued investment funding, not at the whim of the legislature every two years. This means forward-thinking funding solutions that are not part of the biennial bonding bill. As your legislator, I will continue to work towards:

  • Improving road safety by restoring or replacing deteriorating roads and bridges.

  • Increasing funding for fixing bottleneck areas that slow traffic and extend commutes.

  • Investing in transit options to prevent future traffic congestion and costly road repairs.

Small Business EmpowermenT

Small businesses not only create more jobs than all of the Fortune 500 combined, but they instill a feeling of pride amongst their owners and employees. Having been a part of several small businesses and working as an independent contractor, I know that it’s not easy to start and grow a small business by yourself. As your elected official, I will keep working to:

  • Simplify the tax code to make sure small business owners and contractors can focus on running their business.

  • Find common ground with legislators to reduce the cost of providing health care to employees.

  • Promote the expansion of broadband to greater Minnesota to ensure small businesses can flourish statewide and allow younger generations to live where they grew up.

Common sense gun reform must protect the constitutional rights of our citizens while ensuring the safety and security of everyone. We must keep arms out of the hands of those who mean to harm members of our community. I will work to listen to survivors of shootings to understand how we can balance protecting life and protecting our liberties. As your legislator, I will continue to work towards:

  • Promoting universal background checks.

  • Advocating for safe storage laws to prevent unforeseen tragedies, particularly amongst our children.

  • Advancing extreme risk protection orders to assist in preventing gun deaths and injuries before tragedies occur

  • Defend Minnesota state law by standing firm for the laws already on our books.

gun reform