A Veto for Education


Thank you Governor Dayton for standing for quality education for our state. A veto makes a powerful statement to our legislature that our children’s education is our top priority for Minnesota.

Being a teacher is a labor of love — working with students from all different backgrounds with diverse home lives and needs. Our educators need our support because it is an investment in Minnesota’s future: our children.

Let’s work together to elect new leaders to the legislature to prevent such future vetoes. Want to help flip our state house? Sign up to volunteer and let’s get this done in 2018 — for our children, and for our future:

On the EPA’s proposed rule to limit research


As I said yesterday: No matter the differences Republicans and Democrats have, we all drink the same water, swim in the same lakes, and eat the same food. I share the disappointment the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) feel towards the EPA’s proposed rule to limit research.

This will impact research that studies the effect of pollution on public health. These studies use medical records which contain personal and sensitive medical information that most people would consider sacred and confidential.

This is a no-brainer, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt calls it “secret science” and wants to do away with such data in the name of “transparency.”

This is not about transparency. As the Star Tribune pointed out, Pruitt announced this “at a private meeting with a conservative news outlet.” This is about tying the hands of researchers when they investigate the impact of carcinogens and other toxins in our water, air, and more.

We need to fight together to preserve and protect our natural resources for generations to come. If you send me to the Capitol, I promise to make the environment a priority.

Clean and Safe Water

Clean and Safe Water


Report: Toxic algae are growing threat to water, human health

Republicans and Democrats may have their differences, but we all drink the same water. Bad planning and poor oversight can have a terrible impact on our state for generations to come.

We need a champion in St. Paul who will stand firm on issues regarding our district’s precious resources, and I intend to be that champion. Will you stand with me?

Learn more about what the MN Legislature can do here:

Avoiding Another Education Funding Emergency


Minnesota currently has a budget surplus — yet we’re facing potential layoffs of hundreds of our beloved teachers if we don’t pass emergency education funding in the next two weeks.

Education should be the #1 priority of those who represent you — it will determine our children’s future and therefore our own. This is not a difficult choice and it is not a partisan issue, yet we are facing a roadblock from our Republican representatives.

It’s important to elect leaders who hold our shared values for education to avoid a crisis in the future. I want to be that leader for you in district 34B, but I can’t do this alone.

We are in this together and I am asking everyone in Maple Grove and Osseo to invest in our shared future by investing in two key areas:

First, your fully refundable contribution of $50:

Second, a few hours of your time with a volunteer shift to contact other voters. Please sign up today and we’ll invite you to our next event!

Statement from Kristin Bahner on Wednesday’s tragic shooting in Southern Florida:


“For seventeen families, yesterday morning’s ‘goodbye’ before school was their last. My heart breaks for every soul impacted, including our children here in Minnesota who saw this tragedy unfold on social media.

“Gun reform is not about putting an end to hunting or keeping people from being able to protect themselves. I believe in fixing gun show loopholes, safe storage to keep guns out of the hands of minors. I believe we can prevent unforeseen tragedies by not allowing permitless carry or permit holders in other states from skirting Minnesota state law.

“This may earn me a low grade or “?” from the gun lobby, but I’m not afraid to say what I believe. These aren’t controversial statements. Numerous polls show that a majority of Americans support background checks for all gun sales and other common sense reforms.

“I greatly thank Reverend Nancy Nord Bence and her organization for having the courage to have these difficult conversations with friends, family and neighbors and call on all of us to do the same. Let’s have these tough conversations in our community with respect and let’s do what’s right for the children of Minnesota.

“I invite everyone in our great district to join Protect Minnesota next Thursday, February 22nd to a Lobby Day at the Minnesota Capitol.

“Enough is enough. We need gun reform NOW. Contact your representatives and let’s get sensible gun safety laws on the table for this legislative session.”