Avoiding Another Education Funding Emergency


Minnesota currently has a budget surplus — yet we’re facing potential layoffs of hundreds of our beloved teachers if we don’t pass emergency education funding in the next two weeks.

Education should be the #1 priority of those who represent you — it will determine our children’s future and therefore our own. This is not a difficult choice and it is not a partisan issue, yet we are facing a roadblock from our Republican representatives.

It’s important to elect leaders who hold our shared values for education to avoid a crisis in the future. I want to be that leader for you in district 34B, but I can’t do this alone.

We are in this together and I am asking everyone in Maple Grove and Osseo to invest in our shared future by investing in two key areas:

First, your fully refundable contribution of $50: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kristinbahner

Second, a few hours of your time with a volunteer shift to contact other voters. Please sign up today and we’ll invite you to our next event! https://www.bahnerforhouse.com/volunteer/